Prague Escapes: Czechia from the Sky

Make the most of your trip to Prague! See Bohemia from above in less than one day.Air Safari offers wide variety of short trips all around the country. You can see famous castles such as Karlštejn, Orlík, Zvíkov or Hluboká from above, fly over curves of mythical river Vltava, circle spectacular and architecture award-winning Ještěd Tower. Witness the variety of Czech landscape ranging from pittoresque baroque villages with small churches, ponds and yards to zigzagging rivers with man-made dams to deep forests.


Karlštejn Castle

Discover spectacular medieval castle in the vicinity of Prague. Take a short break from the rush of the city and take your friends or family with us.

30min flight

Estimated price

250 EUR / 7,000 CZK - 3 people


Castles on Vltava River

Follow with us the backbone of beautiful Czech landscape - River Vltava in its most spectacular part before it enters Prague.

45-min flight

Estimated price

350 EUR / 9,000 CZK - 3 people


Mountains and Ještěd Tower

Experience fly-over highest mountains in Czechia - Krkonoše, castles of Malá Skála and Trosky and see architecture award-winning Ještěd Tower from above.

60-min flight

estimated price

400 EUR / 10,000 CZK - 3 people


Around Czechia in Half-Day

All you can see from Czech Republic within a few hours, full pack of our products. We start with medieval Karlštejn Castle, follow the river Vltava through its meanders, fly-over castles of Dobříš, Orlík, Zvíkov, Hluboká and Český Krumlov. Spot pittoresque ponds spread around countryside and Lipno dam surrounded by deep forests of South Bohemia. Have a light lunch during stopover in České Budějovice, Písek or Jindřichův Hradec and walk through its scenic town centers. We will continue towards Kutná Hora medieval treasure of Bohemia, fly around mountain range of Krkonoše, Trosky and Malá Skála castles. After rounding spectacular summit of Ještěd we will be heading back to Prague.

6 hr flight

estimated price

950 EUR / 25,000 CZK - 3 people